Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome Fashionistas!

Hey everyone! First blog post (of many, I hope!). I want to talk about fashion magazines and trends!

One thing every rising fashion-acclaimed person should know is what magazines to buy and take fashion advice from. Although same may appear to be stating the fashionable facts, not all really do. Let's list my favorites:
-Teen Vogue

In all of these magazines, you can find real trends that really work. Take, for example, the front of this month's NYLON. Leather and studs galore. This is definitely a trend to follow.

Want to start a new trend? Easy. Take an item you see in one of your favorite fashion magazines (like the ones above) and make it your own! See a denim vest you like but thinks it needs something extra, something more? Add some of this season's amazing grunge studs to it and it's fab. Maybe the studs aren't for you. What about handsewing some floral print fabric onto the pockets for a nice girly edge? Anyway you customize it, people will want it, therefore marking it a trend in the making. So go for it, grab some magazines and create your own trend!
P.S. This blog is a work in progress, so sorry if it is kinda "bland" right now! :)

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